What We Do


We help people to plan for and then overcome challenges that might affect their quality of life as they age. This might include:

Aging in Place contractors who can make the home safer and more convenient.

Reverse Mortgage Educators who can help you tap your home equity and remain in the home for decades with no house payment beyond taxes and insurance.

Senior Residential Specialists who can help you to get out of that two story home and into a “right sized” single story bungalow.

Health Insurance Consultants who can advise you on which Medicare Advantage Plan gives you the coverage YOU need at the lowest cost.

Long Term Care Insurance Specialists.

Elder Law Attorneys and Estate Planning Attorneys

Assisted Living Placement Specialists

Moving companies

People who help to sort, pack, unpack, set up housekeeping.

Financial Planners

Home Health Care Companies

And much more….

Send an email with your questions and circumstances to info@retireesresources.com or call to speak to a live person at 949-300-2656. Every single initial consultation is free and no service provider pays any referral fees, finder’s fees, etc. so costs can be kept as low as possible.

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