What We Do

When it comes to planning on how to best achieve the quality of life we desire for the second half of our lives, there are bound to be challenges.  We don’t call them problems but they are challenges and it helps to have knowledge of what has worked for others and where to turn for suggestions and to learn about our options.

So the first thing we do is ask questions.  And then there is a lot of intense listening.  Everyone’s situation is different and there are no cookie cutter solutions that fit every challenge or work for every family.  So we have to listen carefully to the answers to our thoughtful questions.  We aren’t medical professionals but we can recommend Certified Aging in Place contractors who can suggest changes to your home that would allow you to overcome whatever physical challenges you may have, whether temporary or long term.  Perhaps you own your home free and clear but don’t have funds for unexpected expenses, or even regular ones.  An equity line of credit might be the solution.  Maybe you want to be closer to family but have so much stuff to pack and move that you are frozen in place, not knowing where to even start.  We face down that challenge regularly.  Maybe you are just tired of maintaining your large home and want to simplify things.  But your taxes are nice and low and the home is paid for so you just stay there.  There are legal ways to carry your low taxes with you to a new smaller home.  And there are hundreds of other scenarios.  Just let us know.  There is ZERO cost for all initial consultations.