Doug and Barnaby Low ResolutionMy name is Doug Graham, pictured here with my best canine friend, Barnaby, a soft coated Wheaten Terrier. The concept of the Retirees Resources Network came to me as I considered how my parents and my wife’s parents dealt with the last 30+ years of their lives on earth.  These were highly intelligent, self sufficient adults who were blessed with good health and healthy finances for the most part.  But things did not go well for them or for their adult children during the last several years of life, as the health AND finances all gave out at about the same time.  A failure to plan for living longer than expected, coupled with financial reversals in the stock market, the bond market and even treasury bills created a perfect storm of challenges.  In addition to helping them with tasks of daily living and their finances, we also had to screen out the unscrupulous service providers who would prey on these kind trusting people.  So I came up with the idea of a network of not only highly skilled professionals but ones that I trust with all my heart to take very good care of my friends and clients and to charge reasonable prices.  No one pays any referral fees or anything like that and all initial consultations are free.