Aging in Place

AGING IN PLACE, also known as “Retiring but NOT going ANYWHERE!”

If circumstances permit, most people would prefer to retire right in their own home. Moving is stressful and expensive and it is very natural to want to avoid it whenever possible. Sometimes there are challenges, however.

Perhaps it is a two story home and the steps are a concern, if not now, for the future. Maybe the doorways are too narrow to fit a wheelchair. Are their trip hazards like step downs and tall thresholds? We have Certified Aging in Place contractors who can provide options for handling all of these challenges and many more.

Perhaps the challenge is that your income has dropped since retiring, or will drop once you retire, but your mortgage has another several years to go before it is paid off. We have Reverse Mortgage Educators on call who will very patiently explain the pluses and minuses of the Federally Insured HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.) They are not the right fit for every situation but when they do fit, they are a really great product.

It might be that the home could be almost perfect for long term retirement living if it were just not so cluttered. You’ve got your furniture, some of your parent’s furniture, your (now adult) kid’s stuff filling up space. We have decluttering experts who will help you to make those tough decisions on what to keep, what to sell and what to give away and to whom. We have licensed appraisers and estate sale experts who can often find cash stashed in the “stuff” in your garage and closets.