Movers And Packers

PACKING-bannerMoving can be a stressful pain in the neck, let’s face it. And the older we get, the harder it gets, not just because we are older, but we have just accumulated WAY too much stuff. We have our stuff, our parent’s stuff perhaps, for sure a lot of our kid’s stuff (that they no longer want, for sure!) Even if you are planning to stay in your current home forever and a day, it can make life more pleasant if you can get both cars in the garage, or maybe return that guest room to being a guest room instead of a storage locker.

And if you ARE planning a move, you don’t want to pay to pack and move stuff that you won’t be needing or wanting at the new place. So it is time to do some sorting and discerning. It is also quite possible that there could be some cash hiding within those inherited boxes, in the form of costume jewelry, high quality ceramics, old watches, even antique tools. One client got over $3000 for a box full of antique carpentry tools that he was ready to give away. Another got almost $6000 for a nasty looking old rug that turned out to be a Navajo rug in need of a professional restoration.

We have experts who will help with the sorting, the packing, arranging for donation pickups and more, sometimes at no cost, depending on the individual circumstances. Then we have personal experience with top notch and reasonably priced, licensed and bonded moving companies for both local and long distance moves. Please send an email to or if you would prefer to speak to a person, call 949-300-2656.  There is no cost, no obligation and even the initial consultation is free.